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Today I was planning on taking a bus up to my girlfriend in Pittsfield. She was going to drive down here here after ending her 12 hour work shift, and I was going to surprise her by helping her make the drive down.

We are long distance and every minute with her counts. I have to catch a flight early in the morning so my time was already very limited. I arrived 20 minutes early to my 5 o clock bus at the gate I was told to be at according to my ticket. I waited.

And waited. Finally 5:30 rolls around and another bus arrives. I go to give my ticket to the driver who informs me that this is the wrong bus. I ask what to do.

He looks at me cluelessly and points me on to another bus. I go to that bus. That diver gets off, waves me away before I can even ask a question, and walks away. I’m now panicking as it’s becoming clear that my bus is not hear.

I call customer service. I’m on the phone with a man for 45 minutes who is of no help. After all of the bull I endured all I was given was a lousy refund.

For all I care keep my money or do better. I want my time with my girlfriend back.

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