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Im on peter pan bus out of worcester ma going to philedelphia pa having a respectful conversation with family on phone... Driver stopped in Danbury ct a stop onthe way to New York city abd tells me ti get off my phone..

I responded i can talk on my phone an i was being quite he then poited to another person of color and said i made her get off her phone ny responsecwas i hear people talking right along like me and then said thatvhe is rascail profiling he threating to kick me off an call police for explaining my poit to him i proceeded to sit down got off my phone and wright to yiu my complant his info will be recorded and he picked us up in hartford ct at 11:30am on April 14,2017 i felt very uncomforrable with this driver an felt disrespected based on my color.

Simply because of how poloice handle situations when it involvles a white person calling police on a black person .. I will report this to a lawyer ..

Product or Service Mentioned: Peter Pan Bus Lines Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I'm on my way to the Cape from south station. I received a vibration phone call which I felt was important to take.

I spoke very softly and was scolded by the bus driver for being on the phone! Are you kidding me???

You can hear a pin drop on this bus.

If I were traveling with someone would we be scolded for having a quiet conversation? Ridiculous

New London, Connecticut, United States #1316044

People like you make a bad trip for everyone and the driver does everyone a favor when he tells people to be quiet. I just rode a Greyhound bus from NYC to Connecticut today and the driver got so frustrated he pulled over on the side of 95 for ten minutes in protest of loud people who would not speak quietly despite being told earlier in the ride.

That got the loud peoples attention and we finally got to ride in peace. Rude people shouldn't take public transportation and that includes YOU.

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