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I had a family emergency and had to travel from Brattleboro Vt to Long Island Ny. This trip is very complex and is always very hard to plan out.

First, I have to find a way to get to springfield MA from VT. I take the bus to NY, then I have to take Long Island RR to my mothers house in Roswell NY. The easy part should be the bus from MA to NY. However, due to a family emergency, my trip needed to be a little flexable.

When buying my ticket with a PeterPan agent in Springfield MA, I was informed that I needed to have a return date for my roundtrip ticket. I made it VERY clear that I was apprehensive regarding which day I was to return. I reluctantly chose a day, thinking nothing of it because 1. The agent never mentioned that there was NO REFUND and 2.

There was NO mention of no refunds on my actual ticket. It was very obvious as well as clear,that I wasnt a frequent traveler. That being said, I feel as tho the agent should have mentioned that if I didnt return on the date that was chosen for the return, I would not be refunded my ticket and I would need to purchace another ticket in order to return home. Needless to say, I had to stay an extra day.

I was dealing with a family emergency and had NO idea that I would have great difficultly the next day trying to get home. Upon my arrivle at Port Authority, the online scedule said the bus departs at 758pm to Springfield MA, only to find out that wasnt true, the bus actually departed at 830pm. This was nothing compaird to the problems that lay ahead. I was a little nervous while approching the bus driver of the 830pm bus knowing that my ticker was for the previous day, but had NO clue that I would be turned away last minute.

The driver informed me I was supposed to have changed my ticket precious to departure. At this point it was to late to alter my ticket because the policy states that in order to exchange a ticket you need to change it 2 hours before the sceduled date and time on the ticket. Defeated as well as frusterated I call the 1800 the PeterPan agent gave me only to find out there are NO redunds. I didnt have enough money to buy ANOTHER ticket.

Timidly I went through the process of figuring out what my options where, only to come to the conclusion that I was completly stranded. I am currently sitting on my luggage at Port Athourity dumbfounded; I still have no idea what I am going to do.

Product or Service Mentioned: Peter Pan Bus Lines Customer Care.

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